Documentary, Concept Creation, Video Production

DW (Deutsche Welle) Akademie


DW (Deutsche Welle) Akademie were realising the project “Beyond Extremism” which targets media professionals and representatives of NGOs and youth organisations from Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda who work in the field of extremism / de-radicalisation.

Our solution:
Quantum Dynamics was tasked with conceptualising and conducting a course to effectively teach the attendees documentary and video production in order to effectively communicate their message to their target audience. We developed their communications strategy, trained stakeholders on how to communicate more effectively and also delivered communication tangibles in the form of a video documentary and narrative film.

Key Results:
Quantum Dynamics was able to successfully deliver the following:
Training of the participating organisations in video documentary production skills
Conceptualised an entire project strategy and script for the documentary video
Executed the production of a documentary and short film for the documentary video production