Job Opening – Talented Sales Executive Wanted in Kampala

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Quantum Dynamics is a full service creative agency with extensive experience in providing 360 communications and video solutions and all production elements under one roof. We are looking for a self motivated, creative high performance closer with a proven track record in sales, revenue growth and delivering amazing customer experience. Quantum Dynamics is transforming the communications space with impactful strategy and content that delivers results for clients. Hence, we need meticulous sales representatives to engage new prospects or customers and lead them into signing up to our growing library of solutions.

As part of a top-tier team, you will act as the first point of contact with customers and conduct engaging sales meetings with prospects to close deals. You will acquire tons of hands-on experience by working with multiple products and verticals. You will also receive weekly coaching and feedback to continuously improve your sales skills.

If you thrive in a high-paced environment and want to grow your career at a rapid pace, this is the role for you.


  • Work in a sales team
  • Door to door sales
  • Book appointments and pitching to high end clients
  • Cold call potential clients
  • Proposal writing and pricing
  • Invoicing
  • Develop new products based on customer feedback
  • Think outside the box to secure business



  • A degree or diploma in business (sales and marketing) is preferred
  • A minimum 3 years experience in the sales field with records on sales targets and achievements
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Computer literacy and proficiency
  • Self motivated with teamwork and leadership skills
  • Very good hard working ethic
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Must be presentable and smart
  • Resilience and tenacity



Should be ready for both salary and sales commission.



Interested candidates are to send the following to starting the job code “QD2022 Sales” on the subject line:

  • A well written cover letter
  • A current and complete CV
  • A pitch video maximum 3 minutes showcasing your sales skill set. For this exercise you will submit a video of you pitching to a prospective client in the role based scenario detailed below:
    • You are a sales executive for a fictional brand of artisan organic soaps named KAWA. You are pitching to the general manager of a hotel chain in Uganda. The hotel already has a supplier of soap who is 10% cheaper than your company. You are meeting him for the first time but he does not have much time or interest in giving you business. You have up to 3 minutes to impress him and secure new business for your company. Film a video of what you would say to him in these 3 min. The video should demonstrate excellent communication skills, knowledge and confidence in delivering an effective pitch to a potential client. Stand out from your colleagues by ensuring your pitch addresses customer objections, is warm and friendly and is memorable.
    • NOTE: We are most interested in the contents of your pitch and not the quality of the video so do not over-complicate it. You can simply film yourself using a mobile phone and send it along with your application.